Catching Up - Again!

by - Sunday, February 17, 2013

Things have been hectic lately and I have fallen behind in my blogging, but I will be making an effort to catch up asap!!! Today we're looking at goodies from Emo-tions and some new places!

First up from Emo-tions is Sunburst, a stunning windswept style with a tiara across the forehead. This style is perfect for pictures as it isn't flexi, it's non-rigged mesh!

Legend is a long straight style in male and female versions with plenty of movement so will look fabulous when you are dancing or just walking around the grid.

Short and sassy, Anna 2 flips across the forehead and is sure to become one of your fav go-to shorter styles. A new store for me is Earth's. I was sent some really cute things to share with you so I incorporated them into this post. First up are the Promise Circle Earrings - great statement pieces that will work well with any casual look, and the Bowie Nu mesh top which comes in all the regular mesh sizes and is available in 6 colour choices. 

Solitude is the last style from Emo this post and its a two in one style. This swept back pony is perfect for high fashion or role play looks. Touch the hair and the menu will add or take away the chain detailing along the forehead.  The outfit is super cute Boho Lively from Earth's - available in 6 colour options and comes with versions for short or tall avis.  Also from Earth's are the Stay Thirsty earrings and mouthie.

And hopefully I'm not too late to get you running to Mag arrow3.B. for these group gift skins. TP Link to Store.
A - Boys Suck
B - I Love My Valentine

I hope you check out the new stores, as well as Emo-tions for all these new goodies soon!

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