Quick Smorgasbord!

Sunday, February 24, 2013

It's been a busy week, which means I have fallen behind in blogging yet again, so I have a quick catch up post full of yummies for you today!

First up, some new Emo-tions. The Memory Necklace is a full mesh necklace with three chains with some cute little details.

Also full mesh are the Vari Sets. With earrings and a stunning necklace in three colours, they are perfect for your role play looks or full glam! And drop into the My Attic event that is currently on and grab StrangeLove, a rockstar hair of braids and faux-hawk.

Glam Affair is featuring in two events at the moment. Run into TDR Fusion and snap up the gorgeous Amberly Valentine's skins - two gorgeous skins with pink brows and stunning makeups. Then hit L'Accessoires for the Divinity Headdress which is available in a variety of colours.

There's a new tattoo out at Hiatus.  The Flying Skult is a fabulous detailed tattoo that draws all eyes to your sexy back and comes in undershirt, shirt and tattoo layers.

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