Ready for The Arcade?

by - Tuesday, February 26, 2013

It's just days until The Arcade opens for the March round....and already I'm going ga-ga for it. Have you been checking out the preview pictures? O-M-G! I'm going broke just thinking about it!!! To get you ready, here's some info about the event and the amazing talents behind it.

Be sure to look around the venue, there are lots of new and fun things to see and do. The newest decor added to the venue includes Souvenir plates, mugs, pin lanyards and balloons by Allegory Malaprop (Schadenfreude). These are located on a cart near the front entrance along with some Arcade t-shirts that are for all sizes (even kids!)

Right across from that is the carousel (squeeee) made exclusively for The Arcade venue by Suetabulous Yootz(Beetlebones) and Anya Ohmai (Ohmai). Sit and click it for a fun and musical ride.

Once you head into the venue you'll be greeted by the fortune teller machine, made by Katharine McGinnis (Intrigue Co.). It serves as a donation tip jar to keep the venue thriving and to fund for more fun decor. With every donation, no matter how much, you will receive a fun Arcade fortune!

Once you get over how amazing the new skeeball machines by Katharine McGinnis are, take a look at the adorable claw machine placed just before you get to the center of the venue. The claw machine was done by Azure Electricteeth (Tee*fy & La Viere). There are two claw machines out, and these also serve as donation tip jars. With every donation, no matter how much, you will receive a random octopus toy made by Azure Electricteeth or a random fish toy made by Maylee Oh (The Secret Store). There is one toy type, with several colors, in each machine. You'll also notice last round's favorite - the pinball machines, by Anya Ohmai and Suetabulous Yootz!

Here's some links to keep you in the loop and make your Arcade experience a-mazing!!!

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Remember, The Arcade is on of the most fun events ever and it gets more and more popular and crowded every round, so please be respectful and polite to everyone and remember to detach your unnecessary prims, scripted objects and huge flexi prim hairs!!!!

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