Catch Up with Hiatus and Emo-tions

by - Sunday, April 07, 2013

It's been one of those weeks and I have fallen behind yet catching up today with Hiatus and Emo-tions.

Hiatus is taking part in Soho Market and has two wonderful tattoos available.  There's the Make Me lower arm tattoo for her...

...and the You Make Me chest and arm tattoo for him!

Emo-tions has yet another stunning jewellry set out complete with earrings and necklace sure to dress up any outfit.  Liberty comes in Gold, Silver and Turquoise, and is just gorgeous!  You'll find it at Hollywood - The Event.

You'll also find some yummy new hair there too at a fabulous price.  First up is Audrey, a partial, non-rigged mesh style with braids and wispy bits sure to look gorgeous on any red carpet. 

Pola is a glam retro style in non-rigged mesh that will be sure to dazzle too.  Look for the free gift waiting for you instore at Hollywood!  It's well worth the trip!

Waiting for instore at Emo-tions is not only a stunning new Group Gift (not shown) but two fabulous new styles as well.  First Fabala!  Full of flexi curls, this style has an additional addon piece (left shoulder) and a hairpin in gold, silver and glitter - which I only just saw now in my inventory so it's not in the pics!

And for the high glam, couture fashionistas, Sessie is perfect for you!  This rolled style has wisps down over the face and is worn with a hairbase.

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