Some Tameless Emotions

by - Saturday, April 27, 2013

There's a ton of newness at Emo-tions and Tameless, so indulge your hair and jewellry addictions this weekend!


First up is Changes.  You will find this super cute 2in1 style goes from a long tail to a sexy down style through a click of the menu.  You'll find it at My Attic this month.

Orion is a fully mesh set with earrings and necklace with a fantasy feel to it.

Forever is a gorgeous non-rigged mesh hair with some flexi strands for movement and a jewelled clasp for a dash of glamour.  Also worn is Daylight, a fully mesh necklace sure to make a statement with whatever you wear with it.


If you love curls, then you'll love Muriel.  This corkscrew curl style comes in standard avi and Petite avi versions.  Available in Naturals and Fantasy packs.

Viola is a sexy sidepony with face framing bangs in mesh that you are bound to wear often.  Available in Naturals, Fantasy and Fades colour packs.

Katarina is a long flowing mesh style that frames the face and hangs down over both shoulders.  Available in Naturals, Fantasy and Fades colour packs.

Petra is a wild mess of hair perfect for the rock chick or girl wanting to be a bit different.

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