New Emo-tions

by - Saturday, May 11, 2013

I've got two week's of Emo-tions goodness for you today. Don't forget to join the group and pick up the fabulous new gifts waiting for you instore and keep watching, cos when this group hits 30,000 members, it's going to be sale time again!!!

I'm loving Aradia.  This super cute tail sweeps back off the face and is just such an elegant style that you can wear it for any occasion.

Semiramis comes in two new versions for those who want this gorgeous style with silver coin detailing or no coins at all.

A lovely flowing style with a touch of glamour - Passion falls down over the shoulders with a silver chain headdress.  It's perfect for role players or anyone who wants a bit of glam in their every day looks.

Tight corkscrew curls make Carla a fun and sassy style you're sure to love.  It has plenty of movement and will be sure to become one of your favourite styles.

Bring out your gothic side with the Dawn Necklace.  This amazing choker will look great with an elegant evening gown or your favourite sexy lingerie.

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