More New Emo-tions

by - Sunday, July 07, 2013

Just got time for another quicky catch up post, this time from Emo-tions.

First up, some wonderful jewellry for your collection.  The Salome Set comes with earrings, bracelets and a gorgeous necklace, and is sure to a favourite statement set for your wardrobe.

The Wild Garden necklace is another statement piece sure to class up any look and become a favourite too.

Yeriak2013 is a gorgeous updo threaded with pearls.  Worn with a hairbase, this will dazzle at your next formal occasion.

Dream2013 is an elegant style swept back off the face and wrapped around the head.

And lastly, Daisy2013, another super elegant updo with braids that looks gorgeous on its own or accessorise for your perfect look.

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