Happy Bday Arcade!!!

by - Sunday, September 01, 2013

Yes it's The Arcade gacha time again and all over the grid people are going insane for awesomeness and yardsales are already popping up full of unwanted goodies at (hopefully) vendor prices. My personal opinion - flogging things off at inflated prices is just skanky! Anyway, here's a quick look at some of the goodies in store for you this round!

Analog Dog - Just Sayin' Caps/Hair
Belleza - Leila 11 Skin

D!va - Giz B hair
Belleza - Leila 14 skin

D!va - Giz A hair
Belleza - Leila 1 skin

Auxiliary - Purrrfect Headband

Noodles - Mystery Rare Horns

Exile - Just a Reason hair
Half-Deer - Velven Bunny Ears
Belleza - Leila 8 skin

Wasabi Pills - Melissa hair
Shi - Fingerless Gloves

Tee*fy - Nighty and Sleeping mask
Silent Sparrow - Pwnies

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