Bumper Glam Goodies!

by - Thursday, December 26, 2013

I have a couple of words for advice for you all before jumping into the goodies recently released from Glam Affair and Tableau Vivant. 1 - NEVER move house right before Christmas! Its a fricken nightmare, not to mention ISPs never have their poop together and you have to wait forever to get your internet reconnected! And 2 - NEVER trust anyone to move your PC. Do it yourself! Mine got dropped and although it is working again, it's slow as all hell!! So I'm way behind in my blogging and will be catching up over the next couple of days - starting with GA and TV!!

First up is the latest skin release - Kaelyn. Available in all the tones we have all come to love from Glam, Kaelyn also comes in 12 stunning makeups, as well as a clean version.

There are also a huge choice of brow colours and optional tattoo layers so you can make your perfect face for your personal look!

Glam Affair is also at F R O S T with three gorgeous Neva skins perfect for this wintery season. They come with Lola, Butt and Slink appliers so you can match up and look fabulous in your frosty new skins! The event runs until Jan 3rd, so you still have time to snap these up if you haven't already!

Tableau Vivant is at The Seraphim Social this month with the stunning Snow Queen hair. It comes with a colour change HUD and optional rose headdress in five colours. This is just gorgeous!

Also at The Seraphim Social from Glam Affair are the Shironuri Lashes in four styles. Each style comes in 10 colours which can be bought seperately or in fatpacks. There's also the Shironuri Mask makeup layers - but I forgot to take pics!

And finally, if you are in the Glam Affair inworld group, slap on your tag and run on in to snap up the gorgeous Xmas gift from Aida - two gorgeous Mokatana skins in America...

...and Petal. These are just stunning! Thank you Glam Affair and Aida for beautifying Xmas!

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