The Whole Truth

by - Tuesday, January 21, 2014

There's two new styles out at Truth this week, and if you like your hair long and flowing, these are must haves for your collection.

First up is Bryn, a gorgeous style that is swpt up at the side and falls down the back and over the left shoulder. It will look gorgeous with a formal gown, or just jeans and a tee.

It's one of Charlie's Angels with a 2014 twist! Esperanza is a sexy flowing style that sweeps away from the face at the sides and is just gorgeous no matter how you wear it.

Now a quick catch up on the four styles released last week.

Left - Yelena - An elegant ponytail look.
Right - Coral 2 - Long and flowing and just beautiful!

Main - Luella - Wavy, sassy, gorgeous!
Inset - Snow - Glamorous updo for the princess in everyone.

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