Sexy New Plastik!

by - Wednesday, April 16, 2014

There's a swag of newness out now at The Plastik perfect for these yummy Summer days!  Be sure to swing on in and check them out soon!

The Casseiopia Kinis are gorgeous and available in so many fabrics you will find it hard to pick your favourite, so maybe you can add a few to your swimwear collection this season!

There's two versions included in each pack, Simple (top pic) and Complex (above).  You will love these sexy kinis and everyone will love seeing yo uin them!

A classic dress has been released in mesh!  I still have original versions of this dress in my inventory and it's exciting to see it has been updated and rereleased!  The Courtesan Reloaded Dresses are out in a collection of stunning fabrics for you to add to your wardrobe!  If you loved the original, you will love the new versions!

The Raedra Skirts will add some sexy to your outfits whether you're dressing up or just wanting a hot casual look.

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