A Very Glam Affair at The Arcade

by - Monday, June 02, 2014

Glam Affair has two new skins up for grabs at The Arcade this round and they are a lovely addition to any skin collection!

Liv and Livy are available in three tones for this event - Artic, Asia and India.  Although both come with the same tones and makeups, there is a subtle difference between the two skins. 

Available in 10 makeups, #11 being the clean one, both skins come with  5 brow colours and one brow free.  Above is makeups 1-6 in Liv.  In my opinion, Liv is more soft and sweet, and has a gentle gloss on the lips.

And Livy is more intense, with thick glossy lips and more defined makeups.  Both are gorgeous and skins you will love regardless!

And don't forget the lipstick packs!  There are 10 striking colours in each pack with the Liv colours being gently glossed and the Livy with a more heavy gloss look.

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