Fantasy Room Preview!

by - Wednesday, June 04, 2014

It's almost time to hit the Fantasy Room and stock up on more awesome stuff sure to make your Second Life even more fantastic than it already is!  Here are some previews of what will be there waiting to join your inventory!

Gaia from Torvis Weapons Mainstore (comes with armbands, headdress and staff)
Fae Pose from The Rack (comes with butterflies)

Shurakai Set from Axix (belt, necklace and armbands)
Fae Pose from The Rack (comes with butterflies)

Violet Ballerina from NS::
Fae Pose from The Rack (comes with butterflies)

Darkness Outfit from Floor Candy (comes with necklace, horns and headdress)

Soraya Tiara & Veil Gacha from Sweet Lies Designs (4 commons - tiaras and 2 rares - with veil which can be removed)

Trammel Piercings from PopTart 

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