Claudia At Belleza

by - Monday, July 21, 2014

There's a new skin releasing at Belleza tomorrow called Claudia, and it is absolutely stunning! 

Claudia comes in nine makeups, with one more makeup free look (shown in the skin tone pics).

Fresh makeups and bold brows make these skins something really special.  They are well worth checking out and adding to your skin collection now!

Each one comes with freckle.mole layers, hairbase layers, cleavage, blush and lipsticks in matt and gloss finishes (shown below).

As always, there are seven lovely skin tones to choose from, going from light tones through to dark.  Whatever your preference, you will find the perfect match for you.

And as mentioned above, lipstick layers are included in ten lovely shades with  matt and gloss finish options.

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