Save The Date!

by - Wednesday, July 09, 2014

Save the Date opens tomorrow, and I hope you have been saving it, cos it's chock full of great stuff to make your summer super awesome!  Here's a few sneak peeks at just some of what will be waiting to jump into your inventory.

Strings Bikini from Haste and Oversized Floppy Hat from Sad Harlekin

Calla Wedding Arbor and Small Bouquet from On a Lark and Sweet Poison

Jump In pose from Ridic

Nabilla Dress from Versus and Seah Headpiece from Keystone

Kandi hair from Damselfly and Lur'ed headband from Keystone

Kei's Inner Tube from Kei-Spot

Elsie Camisk, Chestbelt, Nipple Bra and Shield from Fdd

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