More Gacha Goodies

by - Monday, September 01, 2014

The gacha madness has started!  The Arcade is open and its full of amazing stuff from some of the most amazing creators in SL.  Whether you are wanting to decorate yourself or your home, you can find everything you need there...just gotta be lucky at the machines!

Gen 4 Ears from Aitui.  These ears come with amazing earrings and a HUD to resize and skin match.  You have 17 commons and 3 rares to collect!  Pretty Princess Tiara Rings from Yummy.  These gorgeous rings will add a touch of glamour to your fingers...and there is 14 to collect (no rares).

Pageant Sashes from Commoner.  Bring out your inner Beauty Queen and start collecting sashes to suit your every mood from the 30 available (no rares).

Melancholy Gacha from Remarkable Oblivion.  Bring out your gothic side with gorgeous accessories including top hat, collar (rare), gloves, garter and hoop net skirt in three colour sets to collect.

Faery Headpiece from Miamai.  With 5 different style, these headpieces are going to add a touch of whimsey to your looks.  A - Unicorn (rare) available in 3 colours.  B - 04 available in 3 colours.  C - 04 available in 3 colours.  D - 01 available in 3 colours.  And one other not shown.

Headpiece for Everyday from Tentacio.  You'll have a headpiece for every day of the week thanks to this gacha!  There's 2 colours to collect for the weekdays and neat rare weekends!  A - Thursday.  B - Friday.  C - Tuesday.

A Forest's Tale from Half-Deer.  Seriously adorable are all the goodies waiting to be collected here.  With 17 commons and 3 rares, you will be telling tales of the forest for a long time.  A - Sweet Butterfly, Heart Key Necklace and Petals and Pearls Bracelet.  B - Bunny Ears and Flower Crown.  C - Blooming Button Bow and Sir Hootleby the Wise Owl.  D - Nocturna Antlers.

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