Catch Up With GizzA and DE Designs!

by - Thursday, October 09, 2014

You guessed it, quicky catch up time with GizzA Creations and DE Designs featuring today.  Although the speed at which my computer is going, this hardly constitutes a quicky for me.  Snails are zooming by faster than my connection!!!

Pearl Set - contains earrings, bracelet and necklace with two colours in each set from GizzA Creations

Headscarf - a gacha item featuring five rare and seven commons from GizzA Creations

Nicole Dress - available in four colours and includes the gold bracelet for a touch of high fashion glam from GizzA Creations

MaryJane Outfit - perfect boho hippie look and includes several necklaces from GizzA Creations

Krysten - a sexy set comprising of pants, corset and bolero jacket which can be worn together or seperately.  Use the HUD to mix up the lacing on the corset and pants from DE Designs

Erin Vests and Pants (sold seperately) - available in six colours, mix and match these awesome pants with the shirt/vest combo to create a sexy casual look.  Use the HUD and change up the detailing from DE Designs

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