Raunchy Rack!

by - Tuesday, November 04, 2014

Rack Poses is involved in a ton of awesome events this month, so steam up the grid with your picture taking and enjoy getting your pose on!

Fall'ing in Love comes with the stump, leaves and rake, and you can find it at One Word

Burlesque is five sexy poses complete with feather fans and can be found at the Rack Store or on Marketplace

Priestess pose set comes with staff and eagle, with six common poses and one rare - coming soon to the Fantasy Gacha Carnival (no URL yet)

Paladin pose set comes with swords for him and also has six common poses and one rare - coming soon to the Fantasy Gacha Carnival (no URL yet) 

If you enjoy games and being a bit naughty, then the latest puzzle game from Madpea is just what you need.  The Blood Letters game has just started and this time its for Adults only!  There's a prize in each of the participating stores when you solve the puzzle,..Fine Dining is waiting for you at Rack Poses,..

...and one from the same stores at the end of the game when you finish.  Black Widow is what you will receive at the end of the game from Rack Poses!

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