Uber Sexiness from Blacklace and Haste

by - Monday, November 03, 2014

Time for some scrumptious goodies from two fabulous stores known for being uber sexy and uber fabulous - Blacklace and Haste.

Leave Your Hat On (LYHO) - this week's TGIF special from Blacklace.  This sexy lingerie set comes with mesh shirt, tie and fedora hat.  Grab it Instore or on Marketplace now!

Briony Lingerie and Briony Heels (sold seperately) - this gorgeous set is available in four colours and is available only at Sad November.  Complete the look buy snapping up the heels as well and you have a stunning look for your significant other!

Tyne Harness and Collared Bracelet - its almost Erotigacha time again and Haste will be there with these amazing goodies available in a range of colours to collect by playing the gacha!  No URL yet as the event is coming soon!

Lovely Mage Dress - its almost Fantasy Gacha Carnival time again too, and Haste will also be there with a stunning dress available in all standard sizes and some amazing colours.  No URL yet as the event is coming soon!

Nsia Harness - or if dresses aren't your thing, you can play for this harness set, also from Haste at the Fantasy Gacha Carnival and look stunning in hemp!

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