I Suck at Blog Titles

by - Thursday, December 11, 2014

Time for some gorgeous new releases and a couple of sexy freebies all waiting to jump into your inventory now!

Tyrell Dress from May's Soul - comes in 5 colours with two versions in each one - patterned and solid available at Tales of Fantasy

Elven Vest from May's Soul - comes in six colours with two versions in each pack available at The Fantasy Room

Moto Leather Jacket and Zipper Denim Skirt from GizzA Creations - jacket comes in six colours and includes an undershirt (not shown in this picture, I wore my own) and the skirt comes in eight colours.  Available Inworld or on Marketplace.

Zoey Christmas Tree Set from Blacklace - this is the December Group Gift available now.  It's only $99 to join and with a gift each month, its well worth joining!

Mona KittyCats Gift from Blacklace - it's Advent Calendar time at KittyCats and Blacklace has joined in with this stunning set waiting for you on day 11.

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