Sexy Celeste

by - Friday, January 23, 2015

It's almost Uber time again and Belleza will be there with a brand new skin sure to bring out the fantasy side in you!  Look for it opening soon and enjoy a fantastic new you!

Celeste is just stunning!  Available in three tones - Pale (above), Medium (below) and Sunkissed (not shown) - its the perfect skin to add to your collection if you like makeups that a bit more avant garde and extreme.

Celeste comes in ten makeups, and it is incredibly hard to pick a favourite as they are all just to die for.  

Makeups 1-8 come with a choice of brow colours so you can match your hair, and also hair base, cleavage, blush and gloss/matte lips.

Makeups 9 and 10 come with no brows and are totally out of this world!

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