Really Cool Stuff

by - Wednesday, April 01, 2015

Its incredibly hard coming up with blog titles sometimes, and I admit its a thing I am failing bigtime at.  However, the stuff I am showing off today is awesome and definitely not a fail in any sense of the word!

Lysistrata from GizzA Creations - a sexy outfit to play for in a gacha, available in gold and silver, coming soon to The Chapter Four.

Draped Dress from GizzA Creations - available in packs including two colours, this is gorgeous.

Chain Top from Haste - available in a choice of metals, out now at faMESHed.

Heart Tank Top from Haste - available in a choice of colours at Xiasumi School Fair, opening April 4th.

Camille Skirt from DE Designs - a super cute skirt available in plaid, leather or fabrics with four colours in each pack at a super special price.

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