I Like Shiny!

by - Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Shiny Shabby opens tomorrow and it's full of awesome goodies to freshen up your wardrobe, home and self.  Have fun shopping up a storm!

A - Noah hair from Elua.  Skin - Tess from Belleza
B - Mia hair from D!va.  Skin - Tess from Belleza.
C - Tessa hair from D!va.  Skin - Tess from Belleza.

A - Myrtle hair from Mina.  Skin - Tess from Belleza.
B - Hair 66 from Eater's Coma (two versions included in pack).  Skin - Tess from Belleza.

A - Dorothy Shirt from E-clipse.  Skin - Katya from Glam Affair.  Hair - Viper from Rezology.
B - Flash Cami Top from Rebel Girl.  Skin - Sia from Glam Affair.  Hair - Lucid from Rezology.

A - Gioia from Les Petits Details.  Skin - Katya from Glam Affair.  Hair - Verinne from Truth.
B - Have You Forgotten Dress from Valentine E.  Skin - Katya from Glam Affair.  Hair - Azami from Argrace.
C - Chloe Dress from sYs (two versions in pack).  Skin - Katya from Glam Affair.  Hair - Locket from Rezology.

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