My Slink Physique Obsession!

by - Thursday, July 09, 2015

My Slink Obsession has opened its doors and is full of great stuff for your Slink hands, feet, bodies and heads.  If you haven't checked it out yet, make sure you drop by and snap up some goodies soon!  Until then, here's some fab stuff for the Slink Physique body.

Lovestruck Dress from Has Been - this cute dress has a fit for the Physique body and HUD with 18 colours for mixing up five dress parts.  Hair - Akami from Argrace.  Skin - Isla from League.

Cranial Trim Top from Somnia - this top comes in two versions - lights and dark, and each one had a HUD with eight colours.  Hair - Needles from Little Bones.  Skin - Isla from League.

Floral Bikini from Hopscotch - a sexy little bikini with a HUD including five colours to have you looking hot this Summer.  Hair - Bronwyn from Truth.  Skin - Isla from League.

Pulled Up Tank Top and High Waisted Skater Skirt from Forze - the top has two versions - sheer and cotton - and includes a HUD with 12 colours.  The skirt also includes a 12 colour change HUD.  Hair - Bronwyn from Truth.  Skin - Isla from League.

Dot Pantyhose from Klepsydra - with three packs - colours, basics and duo - each pack includes three pairs of coloured pantyhose to glam up your looks.  Hair - Lykie from Truth.  Skin - Isla from League.

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