Get Your Pose On!

by - Sunday, October 04, 2015

I love poses!  They are so much fin to play with and to create amazing pics that capture a special moment or just help create something fun and playful.  Here's some new poses fresh from a couple of awesome stores.

Little Kitten from Infiniti Poses - comprising of eight sexy and playful poses, with mirrors, you will love this set or pick up the ones you like as it is sold as a set or individually right now at Romp.

Sunday Morning from Infiniti Poses - a sweet and romantic pose for you and your best girlfriend.  Grab it now at Romp.

Starry Eyed from Infiniti Poses - another sweet pose for you and your best girlfriend, out now at Romp.

Jogging from Thrustbrand - I love this pose, it's super cute and great for sharing with a friend, so enjoy getting some exercise while you take amazing pictures.

Wandering Hands from Thrustbrand - what can I was there!!!  I love this pose!

Classic from Thrustbrand - sweet, romantic and yes, most definitely a classic, this pose is one you will love and use over and over again...even when you are not using it for a picture.

Captivated from Thrustbrand - a sweet pose for relaxing with your loved one and just sharing a quiet moment.  Quick Note - the arm around my leg was moved from the original pose position.

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  1. OK... I need to know what the brunette is pic 3 is wearing. What's the hair and skin called? Or what's her avatar name so I can ask?