Get Role Playing with The Forge

by - Tuesday, November 17, 2015

I'm getting my role play on tonight with some epic goodies from The Forge!  So if you enjoy your SL with a fantasy or RP twist, check out this awesome store and go gaga over the awesomeness just waiting there for you!

Chained Collar
Angel Wings
Angelic Staff - a gacha item out now at Kustom 9
Hair - Vanessa from Iconic @ Hairology

Valkyrie Armour
Hair - Libby from Elikatira @ Hairology

Chain Mail Vest
Diesel Mech Arm
Diesel Mech Earpiece
Belt Harness
Gorged Pauldron
Cerberus Compound Bow (worn on back)
Draeger Glaive (in hand)
Hair - Rebel from Truth

Strapped Harness
Stomach Belt
Operator's Headset
Barbed Bracers
Overkill Baller
Hair - Rebel from Truth

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