Get Role Playing with The Forge

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

I'm getting my role play on tonight with some epic goodies from The Forge!  So if you enjoy your SL with a fantasy or RP twist, check out this awesome store and go gaga over the awesomeness just waiting there for you!

Chained Collar
Angel Wings
Angelic Staff - a gacha item out now at Kustom 9
Hair - Vanessa from Iconic @ Hairology

Valkyrie Armour
Hair - Libby from Elikatira @ Hairology

Chain Mail Vest
Diesel Mech Arm
Diesel Mech Earpiece
Belt Harness
Gorged Pauldron
Cerberus Compound Bow (worn on back)
Draeger Glaive (in hand)
Hair - Rebel from Truth

Strapped Harness
Stomach Belt
Operator's Headset
Barbed Bracers
Overkill Baller
Hair - Rebel from Truth

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