All Glitzzy and Supernatural!

by - Sunday, December 06, 2015

I love sexy bodysuits and applier clothing cos they just look so super yum and perfect mesh bodies, and two of my favourite stores to find these in are Glitzz and Supernatural!  Here are a couple of the recent releases from both stores that you will find at events on now!

Eliza Sensual Bodysuit from Glitzz - available in black and white and with appliers for mesh bodies, you can grab this now at Winter Trend.  Hair - Starry Night Sidetail from Tableau Vivant.  Skin - Jamie from Belleza.

Bad Intention from Glitzz - a gorgeous mesh body compatible dress, horns, crown, necklace, bracelets, earrings and tail....this is the perfect outfit for the lady who has very bad intentions.  It's waiting for you at Totally Top Shelf.  Hair - Solstice from Truth.  Skin - Jamie from Belleza.

Angie Bodysuit from Supernatural - gotta love a sexy bodysuit!  This comes in a range of colours at Kinky Monthly.  Hair - Josette from Truth.  Skin - Jamie from Belleza.

Selene from Supernatural - perfect for the warrior goddess, this outfit will become a favourite!  It's out now at Totally Top Shelf.  Sword, urn and statue from Madpea at The Arcade.   Hair - Ishya from Truth.  Jamie from Belleza.

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