Get More Fantasy in Your SL!

by - Thursday, January 07, 2016

If fantasy and role play are you thing, then here are some awesome new stores and releases for you to check out to make your SL even more awesome!

Vioreta from Eveline In The Box - a sexy set for the sexy warrior available in four colours.
Hair - Irja from Tukinowaguma (coming soon to Hairology)
Skin - Jamie from Belleza

Dark Angel from Mistique - includes top, skirt, wings, horns and blood tears (which I forgot to add).
Hair - Transmute from Little Bones
Skin - Amber from Belleza

Light Angel from Mistique - includes top, skirt, wings and rose wreath.
Heart Bokeh from Cole's Corner - available at Cosmopolitan.
Hair - Darlene from DeLa
Skin - Amelia from Belleza

Morara Majestic Angel from BamPu Legacies - includes bra, panties, wings, collar and headdress.
Flower Bokeh from Cole's Corneravailable at Cosmopolitan.
Hair - Feline from Little Bones
Skin - Amelia from Belleza

Audrey from BlueMoon Enterprise - available in four colours.
Hair - Memory Bliss from Exile
Skin - Amber from Belleza

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