Alt Fair pt 2

by - Saturday, April 24, 2010

I have a few more fun things I found at the Alternative Fair to share today.

I was browsing one of the stores at the Fair and this tornado attachment screamed at me that I had to have it!!! Called Tornado Twister, its an fab addition to your inventory, especially when you want to get creative with picture taking, or just feel like causing a bit of mayhem. Its from WorN and is just awesome!!!

By far, my fav freebie at the Fair is the Indequate Mozzie Squasher from Grim Bros. It comes with three attacking mozzie groups, the swatter and some tees. Its a bit of fun and highlights the theme behind the event - raising money for Mozzie Nets.

Sn@tch (link broken) has another donation vendor item - the uber smexy Dirty Pop dress in a Fair exclusive colour, wine. It has two skirt options - flared and skintight, and the most adorable and sexy shoulder straps. Its definately one of my new fav dresses! The skin is a donation vendor item from Ironik Kitties, called Griselda. Its a sexy, sultry dark eyed look in a pale tone. It also comes with a shape.

There is a super adorable collaboration between *Dreams* and Snatch at the *Dreams* store. Called Captain Kitty, it has a tank from *Dreams*, jacket and pants from Snatch and the tail and hat with ears has elements from both stores. Its a must have!

Taxi 1 Pulse
Taxi 2 Snatch City
Taxi 3 Nomine
Taxi 4 New Kadath

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