Alt Fair pt 3

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Some more awesome things from the Alternative Fair!

From Moloko, the Cut-X Shirt is a sexy addition to any wardrobe. Available in a range of colours and affordable price, you can pick up just one or a few for your inventory. Little Boy Blue has the stunning Castalia's Song jewellry in their donation vendor. Gorgeous paua and delicate flowers and beads combine to make this a set that will dress up any outfit.

The Black Canary's donation vendor has Demure, an aptly named outfit. The black and white dress looks amazing with or without the black undershirt, and with the gloves and headdress, its perfect for the lolita in everyone.

Acid and Mala have a very elaborate and gorgeous Dragon Tattoo in their donation vendor. Its unisex, with layers for men and women.

And some Fair Freebies. The skin from Mango Mango, Collar from *Dreams* and the Rene Shirts from Sn@tch (link broken) can be found lying around the sims in boxes.

Taxi 1 Pulse
Taxi 2 Snatch City
Taxi 3 Nomine
Taxi 4 New Kadath

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