Happy Easter!!!

Thursday, April 01, 2010

Nothing says "Easter" like hanging around in a giant basket full of easter eggs (well it was full when I got there!), wearing the new smexy Frisky Bunny Pasties from Nymphetamine!

The most fun thing about them is...they glow in the dark!!! You and your loved one will have lots of fun with these. You can turn out the lights and let them rip them off you, cos they come in rippable and non-rippable versions, depending on how adventurous you feel! Also included are the bright pink full length gloves.

While you're there checking out the fun pasties, look for the big bunny thats by my leg, buy him for $0 and inside is Paeoti's Easter gift for you...this shirt in three versions. One for men, and a jacket and shirt layer one for women.

Taxi to Nymphetamine

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