In The Pink!

by - Saturday, April 10, 2010

April 14th is Pink Shirt Day. You will have to have been hiding beneath a rock to not have heard of this.

Pink Shirt Day was inspired by the true story of a male student from Nova Scotia who wore a pink polo to school one day. The resulting bullying lead more students to buy and wear pink shirts in support of him and showed the bullies that people weren't afraid to stand up to them.

Bullying takes many forms, and it is something that is becoming epidemic in our online world. Its time to stand up and not take it anymore. Say something if you see it happening, because turning a blind eye to it is just as bad as the bullying itself.

Cupcakes & Poetry have this amazing shirt as their contribution to Pink Shirt Day. Make Cupcakes Not War! Words to live by...and who doesn't like cupcakes??

Before Sleep has a cute baseball shirt and denim miniskirt, as well as an outfit for the guys...cos real men wear pink too!!!

Sn@tch has a cute dress out as a Pink Shirt Day gift to everyone. It comes with a prim mini skirt attachment and a flared skirt with two pink tones.

Check out the wonderful creators and designers who have stepped up and are making contributions to make Pink Shirt Day 2010 in SL something we can all be a part of.

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