Black and Blue Fair - pt 5

by - Friday, June 04, 2010

Time to highlight some of the skins from the Fair. I'm one of "those" people who buy skins cos I like the thats why I'm doing face shots!

I have never really been into the more "alternative avi" look, but omg LOVING the sets ~Mynerva~ has out at the fair. The Alienated Soul is simply gorgeous. Complete with shape (not worn), adorable freckled skin, eyes, lashes, hair, elf ears, you are all set up and ready to explore the fantasy side of yourself, and Second Life.

I love this one! Called Dishevelled Heart, it also comes with shape, skin, hair, eyes, ears...and a tail that twitches!!!

I picked up the Fresh Skin from Mango Mango. Its perfectly named skin too. Its so fresh and beautiful and takes so many SL years off my avi lol. Check out the other fabulous skins from Mango Mango at the fair. They are great additions to your inventory.

CStar is known in SL for having limited edition skins. At the fair, they have the Betty Azul skin in 6 skin tones available. Above is White and Pale.

Tan and Bronze.

Dark and Black.

Schismphrenic has some unique skins at the fair. With four skin tones available in 4 make ups, they are only $60 a set. Above is Bleu Lolita Pinup in Bettie and Bleu Lolita Natural in Rita.

Bleu Lolita Natural Dolly in Asha and Bleu Lolita Pinup Dolly in Lena.

Taxi to The Black and Blue Fair

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