The Black & Blue Fair - pt 4

by - Thursday, June 03, 2010

The Fair has opened!!! There is so much to see, to buy and to learn, so I hope you do take some time to visit and enjoy it over the next few weeks. It is open until July 3rd, so there is plenty of time to wait out the crowds.

So many of my fav stores are participating in the Fair. From WoE is the super fabulous Cary Sweater/Dress in a variety of colours. I picked up the grey, and as you can see, it looks great whether you wear the sweater version. or the dress. Magika has some gorgeous hair exclusive to the fair. With a sexy fedora and long side ponytail, Angela is a great addition to your hair collection. The fedora is colour change too, so you can match it up to any outfit!

From Maimai in the bathroom is this stunning Mini Halter Dress in purple. I love off the shoulder tops, and just had to have the Fleur de Lis top from Wicked Gear. It has almost a metallic sheen to it and is a gorgeous combination of dark blues. Its a top you will want to wear all the time.

Why do I feel a sudden urge to break out into singing "Wuthering Heights"?? In the bathroom, look for BeScene's "I Want You" couples pose. Its a keeper!

The other day I used poses from BeScene's system skirt pose collection. Here are some of the runway poses for the men! Perfect for photographers, bloggers or models.

Indie Rose has these fabulous Tube Dresses with Jackets at the fair. I have to say, I love the jackets. They just totally dress up the outfit and the prim parts are really well done. I'm 99% sure the glasses are in the bathroom, so look for them there.

We're finally allowed to give out the LM to the here is your taxi...

Taxi to The Black and Blue Fair

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