Summer of Love Fair 2

Thursday, August 05, 2010

The Summer of Love Fair is about to end on August the 8th, so if you haven't popped along yet...what are you waiting for???

Elymode has a special red version of their Soft Denim Wrap Top and Skirt. This is one of my fav Elymode outfits - the top is sexy and looks good with anything and the skirt flows beautifully.

The Plastik is another one of my fav stores...and from them is the incredibly SummerLove dresses, complete with tattoo in an assortment of colour options. A must have new fav of mine!

If you don't know about Adorkable Poses...where have you been? Its my number one fav pose store for fun and quirky poses and props. At the fair you can find the uber fun water gun fighting poses with uzis. You and your friends can have a blast with these!!! The Purple Top and Shorts are from MFP, glasses from Virtual Insanity's question mark gift. The other outfit is from Hello Dave and called Hot For Love. It has skimpy little pants teamed up with a sexy two tone top. The Cowry Cuffs are also from Hello Dave.

R.icielli has the stunning Marissa dress available in a some gorgeous colours, and from Alexohol, the Cayman Sunset Dress is a colourful and flirty fun dress sure to tempt and delight.

Bounce has some fabulous skins, including some awesome fantasy ones. The Eva Vamp skin comes with fangs, eyelashes, eyes, neck bite marks on the three clothing layers and eyebrow options on tatt layer. With it, I'm wearing the Sex on the Beach Bikini from Alexohol. Also from Alexohol is the Summerwind Tank worn with the Bellini Shorts. The belt is Hello Dave's Strapped Leather Belt in silver croc.

Other skins from Bounce include the Eva in Sunkissed and Drow. Both skins some with eyes, eyelashes, ear attachments and tatt layer eyebrows. Shush has some chest tattoos - Rockstar, Crazy, Kiss me - that will add a bit of fun to your look. Broken Doll has some great items for you, including On The Farm, a cute gingham dress you are sure to love.

Taxi to the Summer of Love Fair

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