Woe/Exodi Skin and Sim Party!

by - Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Get ready to party bigtime at the Woe/Exodi Skin and Sim Party!! There will be prizes, fun and a super hot DJ spinning music sure to have you shaking your booty while you fish, hunt or gacha for the awesome prizes from Exodi and Woe.

Here's some of what you can pick up from Woe.

In the Gacha Machines you can pick up the Manda Butterfly Tanks for the ladies and for the guys, the Vega Wife Beaters in all the colours, so have fun trying to collect them all!

You can also try your luck in the Gacha Hunt (look for the gacha balls hidden around the sim) and pick up the Graecyn Bronze Pants in Capri, Long Shorts (worn above) or Short Shorts. The Lunden Plaid Shirt comes in a male and female version complete with tank top. Also for the guys, the Sol Boxers and for the ladies, the Olivia Nylon fatpack. Try for the rare item in the Gacha Machine - the Ruched Dress in Gold.

Or try the Lucky Chairs! They will be stocked full of goodies!!! If your letter comes up ladies, you could be taking home the Kloe Jeans, Old Flower Ribbed Tanks, Low Rise Jeans or Grunge Peace Tee. Gents, for you there is the Kole Dragon Jeans, Dragon or Skull Tank or the Braylon Striped Sweater.

While there, check out Woe's new release - the Madison Lace Undie set. The set comes in 10 gorgeous colours and all layers, including tatt layer!!! Its a stunning set and one sure to become one of your favourites.

When - Tuesday August 3rd
Time - 5 - 7pm SLT

Limo to the Party

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