Call of Couture Festival...Preview 1!

by - Thursday, October 07, 2010

This is such a super awesome event coming up that you will kick your own butt if you miss it!!!

Ok so what is it exactly? Well its dozens of fabulous SL designers all uniting to showcase some exquisite stuff...from designer gowns, dresses, outfits to skins, jewellry and more.

When you TP in, you'll find yourself in a walkway! There are boards framing the outside of the event with stalls in the centre, so you can walk down one side taking in all the fabulousness on the boards and looking at the centre stalls which are filled with goodies you can buy, then walk back up the other side.

The boards are the special items though. A is an exclusive item which is being auctioned at the event. The winning bid at the end of the 3 week event will have 50% of the proceeds going to either The Samaritans or MIND. B is also an exclusive item, a pret-a-porter look which is for sale at the event, so you can buy it now. I'm showing the League board cos OMG WANT!!!!!

I'll be showing off some of the exclusive pret-a-porter items you can pick up at the CFC Festival, which will be running from October 10th through to the 31st.

A - Epigram Dress from Vanitas Vesture, a stunning spring look for your collection...cos for some of us, it is Spring after all lol.

B - Autumn Set in brown from So Many Styles, a cosy knit top with flaring brown skirt for an elegant autumn look for the rest of the world. Face tattoo can be found on the Nuuna's Skin stall in a pack of 10.

[sYs] is a new store for me, and judging by their CFC goodies, I am in love and will be checking out the store when I have a spare moment! You will find the Prophecy Skin on their centre stall and its one you will love - I know I do! The Prophetie outfit is incredible. Not only is it super sexy, but it comes with the necklace, shoulder jewel, armbands and will have you looking great. The Prophecy Boots are included with the auction item though, not this one. Check out their stall for more incredible stuff. You will not regret that - and come away with an empty wallet!

Morphine from Line is just so super sexy and you will love it. It has a netting open corset with a strap covering the important bits, garters panties and jeans. Its for the more daring woman.

A - Wrack will light up your inventory with the Platimun Glitter Dress. With sparklie bodice and skirt with a sexy lace tummy insert, its the dress for a special night out. Its worn with the uber-gorgeous Fairy Face tattoo layer makeup from Son!a, which you will find on her stall. It has little prim diamond detailing which is just stunning.

B - The Eos Babydoll Dress is from Fishy Strawberry and is simply adorable! The fabric is so perfect and its colour will suit every skin tone. It has prim layers, so might need editing to fit your shape.

A - The Heiress Dress is another cute little babydoll type dress, this time from Tasty. Its a gorgeous shade of pink and you will be so adorable in it.

B - Magoa has a stunning minidress called Mondriana. It has a very 60s feel with the colour blocking and very 80s - shoulderpads!!! You'll love it.

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