Fair for a Pair!

by - Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Fair for a Pair has been going a few days now and will be finishing up on the 9th, so run on in and pick up some fabulous items from some of SL's amazing designers and help raise money for Breast Cancer Awareness in favour of the Susan G. Koman 3 Days for the Cure event.

This is one of the rare times you will catch me in pink, and its for a very good cause. Rocky Candy has the uber fabulous Melfina hair in several pink shades. I feel like Jem...truly outrageous!!! Dreams has a couple packs of shirts all supporting this cause and you can choose between bright pink and pale pink. From Opium, you can pick up the fantabulous high stilettos in green stripes, that also come with a fab bangle and belt.

From Exile, you can grab the naturals pack of Brianna. Its a super cute version that comes in 4 special colours and has a pretty pink bow. Kunglers has the super cute Floral Dress for you to find and pick up. Sweeter Than Candy has a couple of super adorable dresses, including the Teagan special addition in black.

Ok so what you do is follow the pink petals and they will lead you to all the goodies. Don't forget to go over the bridge at the point where you TP in cos at the end is a castle with more of the fabulous vendors there.

One of the most awesome things you will find there is the new Babylon Outfit in red from Nomine. This definately tops my Halloween wishlist! See what else you can find.

I love this lingerie! Its the Lacey Lingerie in merlot from Slink. This is the set that drove me insane trying to photograph. Took over 7hrs for the bra to come into focus. Gotta love SL lag huh?

Take some time to support this fabulous cause and grab yourself some real goodies. The fair is full of poses, clothing, furniture, hair, jewellry and so much more. As my Dreams shirt says - Save the Hooters! So lets look after them!

Oh one more tip...grab the notecard given out when you TP in and follow the instructions. It really does help you combat the lag!!!

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