Sunday, June 19

Go Team Stark!!!!

Posted by Jordan Whitt

Which team are you on? Do you support Team Stark (yay!!!) or are you for Team Lannister (booo!). If you have no idea what I am on about - WHAT ROCK DO YOU LIVE UNDER????

One of the best shows on TV at the moment is without a doubt Game of Thrones! Love it!!! And in case you hadn't guessed - I'm Team Stark!!! OMG I can't believe what they did last week!!!!!!! If you love it too, run on in to T Junction and pick up your limited edition team shirt for $40. You have till Monday!

There are also some funny new releases sure to have you giggling!

You can also find the tees on Marketplace if you see one you think a friend just HAS to have.

So run in and grab your new tees now!!!! And drag your friends with you. they will be thanking you!