Go Team Stark!!!!

by - Sunday, June 19, 2011

Which team are you on? Do you support Team Stark (yay!!!) or are you for Team Lannister (booo!). If you have no idea what I am on about - WHAT ROCK DO YOU LIVE UNDER????

One of the best shows on TV at the moment is without a doubt Game of Thrones! Love it!!! And in case you hadn't guessed - I'm Team Stark!!! OMG I can't believe what they did last week!!!!!!! If you love it too, run on in to T Junction and pick up your limited edition team shirt for $40. You have till Monday!

There are also some funny new releases sure to have you giggling!

You can also find the tees on Marketplace if you see one you think a friend just HAS to have.

So run in and grab your new tees now!!!! And drag your friends with you. they will be thanking you!

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