It's Prom Season at Sn@tch!

by - Thursday, June 16, 2011

There's a few events I look forward to every year, and one is the hunt at Sn@tch. This year it's a little different. Instead of a sim-wide hunt, Sn@tch is throwing a Prom!

Scattered around the Gymnasium are corsage boxes from some of the awesome stores on the Pulse/Sn@tch City sims priced from $0 - $100 (take care when buying) full of goodies!

Beauty Killer has the stunning Dance in the Dark dress pack somewhere in the gym. Watch out Sanura and Sileny - the Prom Queen crown is MINE!

Sn@tch has some fabulous items hiding away too. I love the white Princess Dress which comes with two skirt layers and is just gorgeous.

You can also show your team spirit by finding the Go Beavers box which has a shirt in male and female versions, shorts and the terrific Beaver Tattoo in many layers. Worth finding for that tattoo alone!

There are 20 boxes from Somnia lying around waiting for good homes. From four I grabbed the Black and Brown Denim Corsets and Black and Brown Jean Capris.

From Gauze, the Elistyl Vests will add a dash of colour and style to your wardrobe.

They also have the Sleeps with Butterflies gown. I love the design and flair of the dress and the butterflies - fabulous!!! They attach at three points and are just awesome!

So mark your calendar for June 22nd and get ready for the Prom of the Year!!!!

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  1. yayyyy thank you for showing off these fantastic designers. They deserve it! Everyone was so generous this year and there is a ton of stuff to find! Can't wait for the dance <3 You will have some competition for that crown lol