Flux Preview!!

by - Sunday, January 29, 2012

Flux is coming this Wednesday to the grid and by some of the previews, its gonna kick butt bigtime! It's a monthly themed event featuring some of SL's fabulous designers and the first theme is Mardi Gras!

From Miamai, a pack of fabulously stunning Mardi Gras Makeups sure to add a touch of drama to your SL.

Somnia has the Feathered Harlot underwear in some great colours. You can match them up or mix them up!

Two fabulous items from Bang Bang are the Jester Queen outfit and the Jester Queen's Throne. The throne has 7 built in poses.

And this is where SL decided to not let me do any more photos for today, so I decided to post what I had and will get to the rest when SL starts behaving itself again.

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