More Flux Goodies

by - Monday, January 30, 2012

It's just a few more days to wait till Flux opens its doors and all the Mardi Gras goodies make their way into your hearts and inventory! Here's a few more quickie previews of some of the fabulous things you will find there.

From Sn@tch, the colourful Coin Jewelry will dress up any outfit. It looks stunning with the Mardi Gras Lashes from le petit morte.

Another stunner from Sn@tch is the Flux Parade latex outfits. It's packed full of latex goodness in gold, green and purple for you to mix and match up for your Mardi Gras looks. The Elisa Skins are from le petit morte and come in 4 tones each.

In England, it's not called Mardi Gras. It's Pancake Day. Mmmm pancakes. Frooti has just the thing to get you making pancakes - Flip Out! This is how I wish I could say I flipped pancakes.

This is a wee bit more accurate!

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