I Like Hair!

by - Saturday, April 07, 2012

There's so much going on at the moment I am having a hard time keeping up with it all! It doesn't help that I get distracted at the drop of a butto....ooh shiny!

Here's some quick updates from a couple of hair stores that make me very very happy!

Saturday is new release day, and Emo-tions has the super sexy Elaine hair which I think is a definate must have for formal occasions, whether role play is your thing or not. It has a braid across the top and the back is gathered into a chignon at the base of the head. Tendrils falling over the face make this a gorgeous style you'll love to wear.
The headdress is from the Infinity gown set below.

And in the clothing dept of Emo-tions, a black version of a much loved gown - Infinity. There are two skirt versions, one flaring out a bit more than the other. It comes with a gorgeous belt, headdress and gloves and is just the perfect gown for role players, elves, fairies or just those who love being a princess every so often.

Now for some newness from Tameless too. Up top is Nettie, a super cute short wavy style complete with colour changeable headband. Down the bottom is Divinity, a peekaboo long bob that covers the right eyes and comes with a streak option.

All lipsticks in this post are the Beauty Killer ones from the previous Wear Gray post! I am so loving them hard right now!

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