Wear Gray 3

by - Sunday, April 08, 2012

A quicky post with more from Wear Gray! I hope you are checking this awesome event out. Its for a fabulous cause and full of so much great stuff from such wonderful designers and creators! I am only showing a quick sampling of items from the stores involved. Check it out to see the rest of their gorgeous creations and help support The American Brain Tumour Association.

American Bazaar - Glitter Top and Blueberry Skirt for the ladies and Shan Bermuda Shorts and Dope Shirt for the men!

A - A Netherworld - I Wear Gray Tshirt and Skeleton Mini Skirt (mesh)
B - Evolve - Kellie Sweatshirt and Varsity Mini (many colour options available)

Babycakes - Rosey Posey Dresses

Nzuri - Beadbox Necklace, Karen Halter Blouse and Candy Stripe Skirt

Sakide - French Spring Outfit (also comes with lingerie set - bra, panties/garters, stockings and ballet shoes) and Forever Classic Outfit (mesh pants and comes with Bicolour Platform Shoes)

Elmont - Tank Tops (mesh)

A - Bells Boutique - Black Keys Dress and Never Forget Travelling Bag
B - Blue Blood - Spring Dress

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