Lusty Demons of Lava!

by - Sunday, April 08, 2012

The first of a planned series of avatars, stages and poses, Tableau Vivant and Glam Affair are releasing Demons of Lava tomorrow. I cannot wait to see what is coming next!!!!

The Demoness comes with a gorgeous skin, tattoo layer lipstick and leg tattoo, an animated mesh layer of lava for her lower body, as well as the stage prop and 3 sensational couple poses. Hair from Emo-tions.

The Demon also comes with a sexy skin, mesh leg lava layer, tattoo layers for face and legs, as well as the stage and the couples poses. Hairbase from White Widow, hair from KMadd.

The stage has an animated lava layer for a touch of realism that is incredible! The mesh layers on the legs of the avatars is animated as well...making this a stunning visual masterpiece sure to impress. Pose 2 is shown above.

Above is Pose 1. But this prop is so awesome you could use any poses in here and make the stage your own! My personal fav is pose 3, but I'm not going to show it. You can check that one out yourselves.

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