Emotional Hair Fair

by - Saturday, July 14, 2012

The Hair Fair is the one event I look forward to each year. It's like crack for me. Once again I was here in the very early ams staggering around the sims buying up hair and trying to hard not to yell at people who were continuously whining about the lag. Yes there is lag. Yes people will always be inconsiderate of others and wear ballgowns, every piece of jewellry they own, titlers, game status huds and mega-prim hair. It's become a fact of SLife around here. All you can do is de-script and de-prim yourself, ignore and derender them and have fun shopping in the lag! It's so worth all the trouble! Be sure to pick up the folder with the URLs and Map in it. It will save your sanity!

Here's the Hair Fair offerings from Emo-tions. This year all their hairs have two options built into the one hair. Click the menu and you can change your look! Look out for the adorable gift!

Wendy - Wear it down and flowing ot tied back in a sexy tail.

Karen - Sweep the bangs to the side and clip them back, or let them loose for a super hot look.

Susan - Knot it back with tendrils hanging down or leave it hanging loose.

Felice - Big poofy tails or braided up.

Phillis - Long crinkled curls hanging free or knot it back.

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