Quickie Catch Up Post!

by - Thursday, July 12, 2012

I have a bit of a mixed bag of items for you today. Yes it's catch up time again!

Bloggers make dresses live. Like models on the runway, they show on the wider runway of the Web with personal styling, a proper background and poses to show designer's clothes at their best. MEB has dedicated an exhibit to this work. Blogger's pics show the different way to interpretate MEB clothes showing them off to advantage. Pictures were taken from more than 30 blogs, with their authors' permission, and they give an exciting view of the MEB large catalogue, along with the witness of the love for fashion that animates blogger's work. It's running till the end of the month.

Along with the exhibit, MEB has unveiled some new releases, including the stunning Judy. It has a gorgeous top, stunning skirt, jewellry and comes with shoes. You will find it for a special price at the mainstore. Exhibit URL Mainstore URL

The hair I am wearing in this picture is a new release from Emo-tions that you will find at the Hair Fair, which is opening soon! Mirja has done something extraordinary! She has created two styles in each hair. Above is Susan. You can wear it pulled back in a loose knot, or down and gorgeous.

A new skin store for me is Je*Republic. I knew they sold hair and clothing, but skins? Sophia is an elegant and beautiful skin that comes with several cleavage options and some gorgeous makeups. A - G&B B - Queen C - Oriental

Again, there's another Emo-tions Hair Fair preview. This style is Wendy. You can wear it pulled back in a stylish ponytail, or hit the menu and wear it down!

Some more stunning Sophia skin makeups from Je*Republic. A - Cherry B - Grape C - Ocean D - Natural.

With it is my favourite of the Hair Fair releases from Emo-tions - Karen. As you can see, you can wear it clipped back at the side or hanging down over your eye. Loving this one!!!! Mark Emo-tions as a Hair Fair MUST HIT store!!!

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