Merry Plastik Xmas!

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

The Plastik has released their holiday inspired range of mesh clothing and it's perfect for adding a bit of seasonal cheer to your wardrobe!

A - Aeris Red Velvet with the Dena-Ina Gems (jewellry set)
B - Achillea Joyous

A - Gambit Tradition
B - Courtesan Festive

A - Minunate Jolly
B - Aphrodisia Eve

A - Daunting Corset Peppermint with Misfit Skirt in Princess
B - Cataclysm Corset Holly with Misfit Skirt in Beauty

Euthanasia Corset Merry with Misfit Skirt in Glitter

Inset - Tomboy Top Retro, Militia Jeans Festive and Torment Armwarmers Happy
Main - Jaded Sweater Season and Militia Jeans Festive

A - Malicious Boots Merry B - Dusk Wishes

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