Sexy sYs and Fabulous Emo-tions

by - Saturday, December 15, 2012

It's another week so time for another quicky catch up post.

sYs has released a mesh jacket that is just a stunning addition to any wardrobe. The Black Swan Jacket comes with a lace bra, panties and stocking, but it looks just as how worn with anything you like (inset).

Emo-tions has a group gift for the ladies and gents this Christmas. For the ladies, the Christmas Angel hair is just gorgeous. In snow, it flows down the back with icicles threading through it and snowflake tiara.

Cayenne is a mesh hair flowing over the shoulders and down the back.

Game of Throne fans can add another show inspired hair to their collection with Khaleesi, a mix of mesh and flexi.

I love the way Mirja enhances her Emo-tions hair with jewellry and tiaras. Gloria is no exception with the added bonus of being a two in one style. You can have the ponytails down and free, or have them bound up.

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