A Mixed Bag!

by - Monday, January 21, 2013

Time for another castch up post full of great stuff you really need to check out!

First up are some new releases from sYs.  Perfect for your cyberpunk looks is the Otess Hair which falls down over the eyes and has a hairbase and borg-like cyber attachment.  Adding to the look are the DJTall Headphones and DJTall Soundglasses.  Team all these up with the Nekho Dress and T-Parker Boots and you are ready to take on anything.

Emo-tions has two new hairs out instore this week. First up is Maresol. This elegant updo is embellished by silver thread wrapping across the crown, decorative combs at the back and a flowing scarf, or hit the menu and take off the combs and scarf.

Shima is a flowing hair with a native influence great for your role play looks for guys and girls. It is embellished with braids, feathers and a cute little ornament.

There's also new cuteness at K-Code!  First up id the versatile Vanessa Dress which comes in a choice of nine colours with pieces you can mix and match into your existing wardrobe.  It has a flared and tight skirt option as well as a couple of shirt ones.  Sold seperately are the Juliette Boots (mesh) which compliment these dresses perfectly or will look just as good with with anything you have in your inventory.

And finally new hair from Tameless.  First up is Jasmine, a sexy long mesh style which falls down over the right shoulder and come in three colour packs - Naturals, Fantasy and Fades.

Next is Ariel, another long sexy mesh style perfect for your mermaid looks or if you just like big long hair.  It's also available in Naturals, Fantasy and Fades.

And lastly is Charity, a sexy half-updo with cute swirling buns at the back and hair falling down over the right shoulder.  Also available in Naturals, Fantasy and Fades.

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